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I get bored ofcoz but because i love her… soo yeah. Communication will be a major part of the relationship and is a must especially for the Gemini man. For all the joy that physical and sexual contact provides, he is still an intellectual at heart, and stimulating conversation is extremely attractive to him. Leos, on the other hand, are very sexual beings and the lack of an exciting sex life can be a deal breaker.

Leo man, Gemini woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship

This alone has many benefits such as expressing and displaying their emotions for each other verbally especially when they are comfortable, safe and relaxed with each other. The position offers them a good amount of energy. These huge amounts of energy sometimes make them impose their own will and decisions on others around them. Leo partner also has the idea of changing and greatly impacting in the world.

Expect your Leo man to take the spotlight everywhere he heads. He wants to be perceived as supremely sovereign. So, domination comes quite naturally to your Leo man. On the dark side, the Leo man could become intolerant of dissent.

Compatible Signs for a Gemini Man

He is even-tempered himself, and just shrugs off her drama if he doesn’t feel like getting involved. In Gemini man Leo woman compatibility, the Gemini guy often has the upper hand, because he is less easily hurt. I’m a Leo woman and I just started dating a Gemini man.

Her independence knows no limitations and she loves to make her presence felt wherever she goes. There is rarely anything monotonous in the usual life of this female. The Leo female doesn’t mind making the boss moves even at the cost of being disliked or hated for it. Her ambitions are big and her self-esteem too high to accept defeat. While she doesn’t need a pushover in life, she does expect someone who doesn’t mind sharing the limelight with her or letting her take it all.

Leo Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

They take pleasure in the twins’ playful nature, which they enjoy. Gemini moves like the wind without any feet on the ground. They are unpredictable, capricious, and difficult to predict. We all know that the Leo tends to crave attention and wants to be in the spotlight, all the time if possible. This is not conscious deliberate act, but it is something that is as natural to the sign as it is for the sun to give off heat and light. Gemini does not even try to take the golden scepter from the firm hand of the Leo.

When they are in a relationship, they won’t separate in any possible way for as long as there is something new to discover … Like the others, the Leo Women have their positive and Negative Match Ocean Traits. A Leo Woman will not shy away from anything and tend to be very talented and never fail to please people. They can mostly be seen in Hollywood and they always love pleasure.

To the Lioness, the sky is the limit and there is nothing that will hinder her progress if she is determined. She will strive fearlessly to fulfill her dreams without shedding tears about lost opportunities. She has an amazing ability to turn any negative situation into a positive one with the potential of unlimited possibilities. We will get to know how compatible Gemini and Leo is to each other.

We have been sexually active off and on for six years now. I am a very forgiving, and strangely patient Leo woman. I am understanding in his flirtatious character. It stings me a little, but I pretend it bothers me not at all. This handsome guy is nine years younger than I, and I remember rather clearly what it was like to be that age.

Gemini men can seem overly casual and like nothing seems to bother them. Gemini men can be quite particular about their partners and can quickly become turned off. These are some of the biggest turn ons and turn offs for Gemini men. These highly intuitive people can assist you when you struggle with difficult life situations. As such, each one of them must be willing to make some small concessions. This is the surest way of ensuring that their relationship survives the test of time.

He loves to bask in luxury and being able to afford whatever he fancies is truly a boost to his exalted ego. Once a Leo man has made up his mind to settle down, it is a firm decision. He will protect you and make sure you are happy. He needs to be applauded for all that he does for you and as long as he gets what he wants, he is a giver. He is a stable and dependable guy in relationships.

I have an insatiable sex drive and constant need for affection and attention, and he just doesn’t feed it. He has become too comfortable with the mundane routine we have fallen into…and I need more excitment and passion. We’re at the point where counseling is needed. Im a Leo woman and is dating a Gemini Man I been knowing him for 5yrs now. I want to be in a relationship and he knows this. He so layed back and dont really speak his mind about us.

The man born under the Leo Zodiac sign doesn’t shy away from publicizing his relationship to the whole wide world. He holds her close to himself and there is no reluctance on his part to express his warmth in gestures. In reality, there are irrational fears that lurk in the background which he tries to conceal. This needs repeated assurance of his partner’s attraction and love for him. There is actually never a dull moment with a Leo guy for his vitality and obsession about everything he loves is never tucked away. You do not need many dating tips to keep up with a man of the Leo zodiac sign.

I’ve never dated a man like him before and I hope I never will. He says he’ll phone but ends up forgetting and then apologises profusely later on. He might be good in bed but having anything long term with him has the same chances of me winning Lotto actually winning Lotto might be easier. This has been an experience for me and has taught me a lot. I’ve gone along for the ride, just for the hell of it. Although I do have some great belief and knowledge of astrology and horoscopes, I know for a fact that the star don’t have as much power as the power of human life.