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There were even reports that Meghan was considering running for president of the United States. So concerned was the monarch about privacy that, on taking advice, she had the library — where the meeting was to take place — swept for bugs. There was a suggestion that Meghan should join Charles, William and Harry via video link from Canada, but the Queen ruled that her attendance in any form was ‘not necessary’ as Harry would represent her.

April 2022: 1st Anniversary of Philip’s Death

In late September, the head of the German General Staff, Ludendorff, advised the Kaiser to sue for peace. A month later, the Reichstag passed laws making the government’s ministers responsible to it instead of the Kaiser. Protest movements spread across Germany and the rapidly-collapsing Austro-Hungarian empire, as nationalist movements declared independence in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the Balkans. The importance of the entrance of the United States in the war was not the superiority of American troops or technology – American soldiers were as horrified as anyone when they first encountered modern, mechanized warfare. Instead, the key factor was that the US had a gigantic industrial capacity, dwarfing all of the great powers of Europe put together, and millions of fresh troops that could be called up or drafted. Germany, meanwhile, had been totally committed to the war for almost three years, and its supplies (of money, fuel, munitions, food, and people) were running very thin.

One by one, most European countries and the United States granted the vote to at least some women in the years that followed the war. One striking example is Belgium, where only women who were widowed, had lost sons, or had themselves been held captive during the war were granted the vote initially. Some countries stubbornly resisted this trend – France rejected women’s suffrage entirely until after the period of Nazi occupation in World War II – but there can be no doubt that, overall, the cause of women’s suffrage was aided immensely by the patriotic service of women during WWI. The total commitment to the war on the part of the belligerent nations left numerous professional positions vacant as men were dispatched to fight.

Queen Elizabeth passes away at age 96.

After penning letters back and forth for years, they eventually took things to the next level. Dusty Baxter-Wright (she/her) is Entertainment Editor at Cosmopolitan UK across print, digital and video. Heading up the team’s celebrity, TV and movie coverage, she has interviewed everyone from Zac Efron and Zendaya to Eddie Redmayne, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, and is a keen binge-watcher of shows like Bridgerton and The Crown. Dusty has been in the industry for the best part of a decade, and you can follow her on Instagram here. After many years of courtship, Philip asks 20-year-old Elizabeth’s father for his blessing for the pair to be married.

Eichmann was taken to Jerusalem and tried for his work in overseeing the logistics of the Holocaust. His major job during the war had been to make sure the trains carrying victims ran on time and efficiently delivered them to their deaths. Eichmann was the quintessential “desktop murderer,” a man who (apparently) never personally harmed anyone, but was still responsible for the deaths of millions through his actions. The trial was highly publicized and it began the process of transforming the Holocaust from being only a dark memory of its survivors, largely unknown or overlooked by historians and the general public, to being perhaps the most infamous event of the twentieth century. As an aside to the narrative of the war, it is worthwhile to consider the role of the Soviet Union in World War II. In its aftermath, Americans often looked on World War II as “the good war,” the war that was fought for the right reasons against countries whose leadership were truly villainous.

By pure fate, Philip was chosen to meet the then-princess because two naval cadets nominated to do so both had mumps. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. By the summer of 1980, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were seeing an awful lot of each other. The media was starting to pick up on this, and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were worried about the attention.

While Kant’s essay probably overstated the Utopian qualities of the thought of his era, he was right that it did correspond to a major shift in how educated Europeans thought about the world and the human place in it. The topic of slavery is vast; it was a huge economic engine and a major part of life in the entire New World. It shaped the demography and the culture of every American society, and its sheer scale dwarfs every other pattern of slavery in world history.

The dancers lurched about on stage, sometimes in an overtly sexual manner, and the music changed its tempo and abandoned its central theme. Within a few years, however (and following a change in its wild choreography), the Rite became part of ballet’s canon of great pieces. Belgium was a neutral country leading up to the war, and German planners had expected Belgium to surrender swiftly as German troops advanced rapidly toward France. In turn, German troops deliberately massacred civilians, destroyed towns, and raped Belgian women. Thousands of Belgian refugees fled to Britain, where they were (to the credit of the British government and civilians) welcomed and housed.

He wrote that the nursery staff, not his “emotionally reserved” parents, were the people who taught him everything and experienced all of his firsts, like his first steps and words. Biographer Sally Bedell Smith wrote that the King told his mother that Philip was “intelligent, has a good sense of humor, and thinks about things in the right way.” Apparently, Philip was keeping Elizabeth and her sister company and supposedly impressed Elizabeth by jumping over tennis nets.

The House of Guise, devoutly Catholic, then exercised the power behind the throne and was hostile to the efforts of the Huguenots (French Protestants) who were advancing their vision in France. In March 1560, a group of Huguenots tried to kidnap Francis II to remove him from the influence of the Guise brothers. The plot, known as the Amboise Conspiracy, was discovered and anyone thought to be involved, as well as over 1,000 other Huguenots, were executed.