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From restaurant managers and bar owners to accountants, we unite businesses with our expertly designed best-in-class technology. We believe hospitality software should do two things – save you time and money. The best point of sale system for your company will depend on the type of business you run, and the key functionalities you’ll need to operate your organization. Lightspeed is the best solution overall in our opinion, thanks to its excellent ease of use and customization features. However, Shopify might be best for eCommerce-focused companies, while Toast is ideal for restaurants.


Save time and money with automated invoice processing, payments, and more. Preferred Partner — We provide payment processing, point of sale and valuable insights to boost margins while saving you time. Preferred Partner — Square for Restaurants is a point-of-sale platform built from the ground up with software, hardware, and payments to streamline your entire restaurant operation. By automating time-consuming tasks related to ordering, accounts payable, budgets, and cost management, xtraCHEF helps restaurant groups to build back-of-house operations that can scale. They also come with a range of tools for processing payments, tracking your inventory, and keeping on top of increasing sales numbers. Ideal for smaller companies and brands taking mobile payments, Square is an affordable and easy-to-use POS system.

It is not an incredibly difficult journal xero odbc driver to make, but still, an integration would be nice. I believe Toast has a small add-on fee on the POS end to integrate through Shogo, but again it’s fairly affordable at around $20. With all that being said Shogo will save you a ton of time and the integration is well worth it. Almost every POS system will claim to integrate with QuickBooks Online.

Squirrel Systems

Discover additional solutions that pair with xtraCHEF by Toast and can optimize your business even further. Reports can be accessed 24/7 from your tablet, mobile device, or anywhere you have internet. Already a Paychex customer, reach out to Workstream to start the integration process. A seamless, accurate, and secure flow of GL information into Sage. Plus, with AccountantHQ, you’ll be able to manage all client data from a single platform.


Clover further breaks down plans into counter-service and full-service plans, as well as personal and professional services plans. We love that Square is so affordable, with the majority of its features being free for all users. You only need a phone and a $49 card reader to start taking sales! A Quickbooks POS integration can be a great way to streamline accounting processes. For all its complexity, QuickBooks is an incredible accounting solution once mastered and offers many advantages for small business owners. Stripe and Square are both popular payment processing services,…

Manage the Workflows for all your transactions

Through TripLog’s easy-to-setup approval hierarchy, the manager approves or rejects accordingly, and with one simple click, Payroll/HR can upload the captured data directly to Paychex. Tapcheck is an award-winning financial wellness company that offers the employee benefits of on-demand pay and financial education. Available at no risk to employers, Tapcheck uses an intuitive mobile app to give workers greater control over their finances, which reduces their stress and improves business performance. Studies show that earned wage access has been shown to also increase employee productivity by 49% and reduce turnover by 50%. PCI offers cutting-edge solution integrations to complement and enhance your Deltek product investments. Our consultants help to identify and bridge gaps between various business systems, offering several third-party integrations into Deltek Costpoint.

Our API capabilities include pulls and custom-built integrations. Multikrd has built an integration via API with Paychex and Point-Of-Sale systems that allow for a seamless data exchange between employers and Multikrd. Our services do not generate any liability nor interrupt any of your internal processes. Our solution is optimized to PCI security standards and is backed with the highest levels of encryption and data security to provide consistent peace of mind to you and your employees. Bullhorn is a global leader in software for the staffing industry.

Quickbooks Online is a finance and transaction-based CRM that connects your customer data with their purchases. With a variety of accounting features, Quickbooks Online allows you to track all of your business transactions. Every time a new customer’s contact info is added to the list, they will automatically receive a feedback request campaign from GatherUp. Workstream is a text-based recruiting tool for local businesses and hourly workers.

Toast POS: Best for established restaurants

It can centralize your entire operation by bringing together the front of the house, back of the house, and guest-facing aspects of your business into a single platform. Toast is a cloud-based Point-of-Sale and management system that helps restaurants improve operations, increase sales, and create all-around better guest experiences. I tell restaurant owners to avoid 3rd party delivery apps at all costs but also understand that most customers expect you to be on at least a few of the delivery platforms.

Once the integration is set up, you can open up QuickBooks and select Import. This will allow you to connect transactions and receipts from your POS software to QuickBooks. There are two potential ways POS systems and accounting solutions such as QuickBooks can cooperate. The first way can be described as indirect, and the second as direct. For example, a smaller, budget-conscious retail business will probably do best with Square, while a larger retail store might choose an advanced retail POS such as Lightspeed Retail or Revel .

Some of the top systems with QuickBooks integrations include Square, Clover, Lightspeed, Revel, and Vend. Syncing your POS with QuickBooks is also important for generating detailed reports from which you can glean important insights about your business. Trial and error is often a necessary component of successful business growth. When you make a particular change , sales feedback will automatically be sent to QuickBooks.


You may also integrate your POS with a Revel-compatible third-party payment processor, but you might end up paying an extra monthly fee to do so. Revel has built-in processing through Revel Advantage and boasts competitive fees, but you’ll have to contact the company directly to get a quote that best suits your business. The system also provides multi-location support on all plans, making Lightspeed a cost-effective way to sell in multiple locations, including temporary locations such as seasonal stores or events. To add extra POS software subscriptions to additional Clover POS devices, you’ll pay an extra $9.95/device/month if the devices are in the same location. The cost for the software is $79 per month for one terminal and $50 per month for each additional terminal. Toast sells its own proprietary POS hardware, including $450 for a handheld tablet and up to $1,350 for a countertop terminal.

Expense reimbursements from NetSuite to Paychex Flex also available. Paychex to NetSuite integration from Modulus Data is the easiest and most cost-effective way to connect NetSuite with Paychex Flex. Your Account Manager will walk you through how to configure the integration, so you’re set up for success. Insight360® by Analytix Solutions can help leading multi-unit restaurant operators turn business intelligence into profits faster.

It’s a great choice for solopreneurs and small business owners who want an easy, low-commitment way to take sales on the go, set up an affordable in-store register, or get an online store up quickly. These POS apps are compatible with QuickBooks and can make integration between your accounting and POS easy. Lightspeed also has various hardware options; however, you’ll need to fill out a form and talk to a salesperson for further pricing information.

One option is to do a physical inventory count and calculate the cost of that inventory. Then you could adjust the cost of goods sold to inventory and give you a more accurate COGS. I’m fairly certain that Toast forces you to use their merchant processing. Don’t quote me on that but I think they recently made that switch. Third, Shogo holds back the integration if there is a mapping error.

Payments that are manually keyed in, processed using a card on file, or manually entered using Virtual Terminal have a 3.5% + $0.15 fee. Read our guide to Square hardware to figure out what hardware you need for your business and how much you might pay for your equipment. While future Square sales will automatically appear on QuickBooks, you do still have to confirm them before they’re imported into your books. If your POS works well with QuickBooks, it will ultimately save you both time and money. Restaurant POS systems that integrate with QuickBooks include Toast, Lightspeed Restaurant and TouchBistro. Once they all have a green checkmark, your first data transfer will happen the following day and then daily after that.

The company currently works with more than 2,500 brokers, providing benefits administration and HR products to over 60,000 companies and 10 million employees and dependents. Combine the power of Employee Navigator, Paychex Flex, and your existing broker relationship. Some solutions will allow you to integrate your POS with loyalty programs, accounting systems, eCommerce platforms, and email marketing tools. QuickBooks offers one of the best Point of Sale systems for companies who want to keep a close eye on their taxes and accounting. The technology integrates seamlessly with the QuickBooks bookkeeping and accounting tools, helping brands to build more effective inventory and sales reports. The solution supports all payment types and allows users to create customer profiles for repeat sales.

Its Clover Go reader is $49, while its Clover Flex handheld terminal is $499. The Clover Mini is $799 and can run your entire business, while the larger Clover Station runs between $1,349 and $1,799. Clover has multiple software pricing plans that range from $14.95/month to $94.85/month if you purchase your Clover POS hardware upfront from Get a free card swiper from Square at no cost when you create a free account. The best POS system with QuickBooks has reasonable pricing, matches your business needs, and the QuickBooks integration provides comprehensive syncing. The best POS systems with QuickBooks integrations include Lightspeed, Square, Revel, Toast, Korona, Shopify, Clover, and TouchBistro.

Manually entering information is time-consuming, so anything that serves to automate aspects of the accounting process will save you time. (And time is money, after all.) Integrating QuickBooks with your POS will speed up your processes and reduce human error from transferring information from one app to another. The Shopify plan costs $105/month ($79/month with annual billing) and includes more shipping tools, plus shipping discounts from major shipping carriers. If you’re on the $69/month standard plan, you are required to purchase your starter kit upfront.

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