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The introduction of modern computers alongside the development of elaborate voter databases and special districting software has made gerrymandering a far more precise science. With this data, gerrymandering politicians can predict the voting behavior of each potential district with an astonishing degree of precision, leaving little chance for creating an accidentally competitive district. The primary purpose of this book is to tell the stories of black women who are dating, married to, or divorced from white males. If you’re a person of color who exclusively dates white people, that’s worth interrogating, too.

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The two-lane cross-country routes could also be a nightmare for Blacks and Hispanics with few places to eat or sleep and they were more likely to accidentally drive into segregated sundown counties or towns. Special road guides (right) provided a sort of 20th-century underground railroad of minority-owned businesses and Whites progressive enough to serve minorities food out of a separate drive-through window instead of denying them service altogether. Esso, a subsidiary of Standard (now ExxonMobil), sold gas to minorities and allowed them to franchise stations. Defense spending stayed around 10-12% of GDP in the 1950s-60’s, compared to 3-5% today (16% of federal budget).

In cases which the large area only has the population for one district, then the splitline usually results in the urban area being in one district with the other district being rural. In the seven states where Republicans had complete control over the redistricting process, Republican House candidates received 16.7 million votes and Democratic House candidates received 16.4 million. As an example, much of the redistricting conducted in the U.S. in the early 1990s involved the intentional creation of additional “majority-minority” districts where racial minorities such as African Americans were packed into the majority. This “maximization policy” drew support from both the Republican Party (which had limited support among African Americans and could concentrate its power elsewhere) and by minority representatives elected as Democrats from these constituencies, who then had safe seats. Because the number of women who owned enslaved people in the 19th century alone is so extraordinarily large that I could not collect and analyze that data in the time that it took me to write this book by myself. There is evidence, there are documents, that suggest that we are being overly cautious.

Therefore, many different stranger and many different vehicles will walk, drive, or bike past the target and interact in some manner, at various times and locations. All of the predatory gangstalkers will be strangers to the targeted individual and they
will continue to make their presence, but not their purpose, known. This is one element of Predatory Gangstalking that is disbelieved by others. These “others” include law enforcement, the medical profession, and family. Those who are unaware of activities of subcultures such as criminals, secret organizations, clubs, extremist groups, radical political groups, hate groups, organized crime groups, and other antisocial groups, the scope of attack by Predatory Gangstalkers is unfathomable.

Psychology experiments show that it would be easy to recruit people to participate – as paid thugs or as vigilantes – in the organized harassment of targeted individuals. The social dynamics would be effective in a small workplace run by a psychopath manager, or on a large scale in an agency such as the FBI. This news report broadcast in May 2014 gives a clear example of firefighters participating in organized stalking.

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“Fatima’s Great Outdoors” (Kokila) by Ambreen Tariq as illustrated by Stevie Lewis. This picture book is a celebration of an immigrant family’s first outdoor camping trip and how it brings them all together for once inside one big tent under a canopy of stars. A “rom-com” novel debut depicts two entrepreneurial teens who butt heads – and maybe fall in love- while running competing Korean beauty businesses at their high school. The author peoples her corner of surburban Los Angeles with two Korean American sisters rocked by suicide and a cast of characters like a creepy drama teacher, a gay horror novelist and a white hippie mom and her adopted Vietnamese daughter. A high school senior navigates messy boys and messier relationships in this bitingly funny and much-needed look into the overlap of Asian American identity and teen sexuality. June Chu is leaving high school to face an unknown world, battling her mother’s expectations and the drama of relationships and unsure on how she should work her path through it all.

89Indeed, both the French and British political systems and societies present specific challenges and chances, and how minority citizens recognise and reappropriate the opportunities they come across, determines how far they will go. 83An interesting feature of this system is that it de facto allocates half of the municipality’s seats to the sitting mayor and his team, and resultantly, opposition from within is minimised to the extent that it becomes practically impossible to challenge prevailing systems of political control. The case of the local politics of Villiers-le-bel demonstrates this quite well. 81For instance, though the British political system has been more open and inclusive than the French one, we may note that its two-party system keeps the stride of smaller political parties in check. It is hardly surprising that the British Asian politicians who rose to some prominence belonged either to Labour or, more recently, to the Conservatives.

There’s another reason I rarely show my partner on social media. I went to a school with a mixture of students – Jamaican, Ghanaian, white British – and I excelled academically and at sport. And there, some white children would laugh at my pronunciation.

Under Occupational Health and Safety laws, individuals are being flagged and placed on community notification lists. In many countries these community notifications are being used by companies and others to target innocent individuals such as whistle-blowers, the outspoken, etc. In conjunction with these notifications, companies and others are in some cases using a practice that was used in the former soviet union called the psychiatric reprisal.

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Some conspiracists suggest that Alexis was a “targeted individual,” or “TI,” the term-of-art used by anguished people who believe they’re being “gang stalked” by shadowy enemies, often in the government. The elements of Alexis’ police report — covert microwave weapons, conspiracies and sleep disturbances — are common elements in gang stalking accounts. As explained elsewhere in this website, the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence community has worked to expand its powers and information sources by establishing closer ties with corporations – for example, through partnerships such as InfraGard and DSAC. “Harassment” is an appropriate description of many of the individual acts perpetrated against gang stalking victims since they are intended to annoy, anger, and frustrate the targeted individual – rather than, say, physically injure him or her. On the other hand, “harassment” does not begin to convey the severity of the cumulative psychological effects of organized stalking. Based on my personal experience and numerous accounts by self-proclaimed victims, organized stalking occurs across the U.S., so moving from one area to another is not likely to help.

You can always tell a black operation by this dual portrayal along with “the need to disclose sensitive confidential information” about the targeted individual to all of his or her relationships. “Five components of CIA/military “information operations” comprise the protocol of the https://hookupsranked.com/ present gangstalking of millions of American whistleblowers, dissidents and other civilians. (These are) 1) PSYOPS (psychological operations), 2) MILDEC (military deception), 3) OPSEC (Operations Security), 4) CNO (Computer Network Operations), and 5 EW (electronic warfare).

Since agencies at the federal level set the tone for state and local elements of the police state, some of these state level programs are also of an Orwellian nature. By my own observations, and by anecdotal reports of others, gang stalking apparently makes extensive use of criminal informants. But those snitches are not being used by the FBI just to spy and inform; they are perpetrating acts of criminal harassment for the purposes of counterintelligence subversion.