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If it didn’t, then tons of girls would never care about celebrities and their beauty make-overs. Now that we’ve gone over the most likely reasons this guy is staring at you, let’s recap and deal with some questions that might still be lingering in your mind. If he seems overly confident of your interest in him, he’s likely trying to reel you in for a casual encounter. And if you give him nothing and turn your attention elsewhere, chances are, he’ll do the same and find another woman to stare at.

For example, he might play with his drink, with his clothes, or with anything that might be able to cover up how much he can’t control himself around you. Would Nature be so cruel as to populate the planet with breasts and then dictate that a gentleman must never stare at a lady’s breasts while she’s out in public? I think any zero tolerance policy seems cruel and unusual. There has to be an allowable limit of boob-time. I’ll say it plain, and as gentlemanly, as possible.

When I was talking to my boyfriend last week, he told me that in his 31 years of existence, he always felt nervous around women he genuinely liked. As soon as I started talking to people, I realized how easy it actually was. All my life I was so afraid of talking to people because I couldn’t stop overthinking. I consider myself an average-looking person because I do get stared at a lot because I have very unique hair and I’m tall for an Indian woman. Ever experienced a freaky stare-y guy who just doesn’t stop staring at you? Really, I’m sure you’re fine with a decent guy who just checks you out for a fraction of a second, it might even be flattering, but an all-out stare is just disgusting.

She ‘Flirts’ With Her Body Language (Non-Verbal Flirting)

If you do make eye-contact, lay off looking at him for the next five minutes or so, and take a quick discreet look again to see if he’s still checking you. If he’s checking you five out of five times you look at him, you’ve got yourself a guy with ‘the stare’. If it’s three out of five, then he may be a nice guy (if he looks good!), if it’s just once, he was probably just looking around. If a guy is obviously staring at you, he could be attracted to you. Staring is a guy’s method of checking out the package, and determining if they want to make a move.

Either way, in this post, I’ll list all the possible reasons why your crush is staring at you. They definitely don’t know how to make a move, and they just assume that by staring at you, they’d be able to hold your attention long enough to feel good about themselves. The point here is, the first thing that pops into a man’s mind when he wants to approach a woman is, “Will she insult me?

You know a guy is staring at your orbs of glory because he’s, well, looking at them. There really aren’t any degrees of subtly here. @Twistedinknots

Me too, but a dress size larger, and I’m a little older. My boob to waist ratio shows them more prominently. People stare automatically when I wear slim fitting clothing. I also notice women, and men, in form fitting clothes so I don’t feel quite as if they’re perving, because I’m not.

Talk to Them (About Something Else)

Many of the women I polled for this story say they are extremely self-conscious when it comes to cleavage of their own. In response to the article published last week, comments from readers, colleagues and my male friends came in fast and furiously. Breaking down the most common flirting signs into simple checks can help men recognize when a woman is flirting. When a person smiles how to delete your erisdating com account sincerely (because they’re feeling true joy), it causes a small muscle in their upper face to contract. This contraction causes tiny wrinkles at the corner of the eyes known as crow’s feet to form. If a girl looks at you (when she’s not already conversing with you… think in a group setting when someone else is talking) for 2-3 seconds on average, she’s very likely into you.

And if you want to do that, you have every right to! You’re a strong, independent woman and you want to be taken seriously. Unfortunately some men think it’s ok to objectify you by ogling your breasts while you’re talking to them.

An obvious way to stop him staring at you is to have sex in positions that deny him eye contact. Until recently no one had defined what constituted “normal” eye contact, but a 2016 study at London’s Queen Mary University found that on average staring becomes uncomfortable after 3.3 seconds. Well, when a guy stares at you constantly even when you looked at him, it indicates that he is keenly interested in you and probably finds you attractive and wants to talk with you. When a guy is trying to create an impression on you, he is always going to look at you to see how you are taking it. It means that he likes you enough to put any effort into creating an impression on you.

If a guy is serious about you, he’ll be happy to sit and cuddle and watch a movie instead. For many of us, attraction starts long before we get to the bedroom. He might feel frustrated, but he won’t tell you that.

The smaller boys use this as an excuse to squirm out of making a move on a girl. But then, when men stare at women and the women don’t like it nor do they glance back, I really don’t think that qualifies for a flirtatious stare exchange. Perhaps the most important rule of attraction through eye contact, as you may have gleaned earlier, is that too much of it can be creepy. Since you probably don’t know the person you’re looking at that well, you should be extra cautious not to overdo it. On some level, we do recognize that staring is a sign of deep attraction, and it can be unsettling to have that stated, even non-verbally when you’re not expecting it. As well, staring can often imply that someone is objectifying you by looking at just your body, rather than your true self.

It’s also how men tell if you’re interested back. For example, if you catch him staring and turn away from him, it’s a sign that you’re not interested back. Watch for other signs that he’s attracted to you to figure out what he’s thinking. Sometimes being stared by someone can be a BIG red flag.

And I know some of you like a man with a good ass. And I’ve heard you talk about how much you like the sight of strong arms just the same as how I like to see the curve of a breast. A lot of people forget that women can be and are just as horny as men are, if a girl is obvious in her interest in a guy and the guy thinks she’s hot he’ll sleep with her. If he stared at you when you were both alone together then it would be more likely that he was doing something known as “gazing” which is where he stares into your eyes due to being attracted to you. This would be more likely if he was showing other signs of attraction as well.


The signs mentioned above are not universal signs of falling in love, these are simply signs indicating that a man is most likely interested in you sexually. As long as you are happy to go along with the sexual energy you feel between the two of you, follow your instincts. Firstly, it’s really important to state that sexual attraction is very different from an emotional connection.